Bhavin always expresses that “Trading is not just a skill, its an experience in life which make you mature in decisions. It makes you learn patience, risking in other aspects of life, straightening, planning, and execution.”

Apart from being an avid trader, Bhavin is always being a passionate trainer. His training sessions are not with financial jargon but with simple training techniques, where any common being can grasp and get trained. His practical way of teaching clears the trading concepts among the trainees.

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Bhavin always stresses upon 5 D’s.
Duty-Treat trading as duty and not fun.
Dedication – It’s a serious profession. 100% dedication is required.
Determination – One has to be determined to learn from the mistakes and never repeat it.
Discipline – If you don’t have discipline; trading is not your profession.
Dynamism – If one strategy is not working out, you have to build another. Adapt the change, other